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Our terms of use are quite straight forward and created to protect our buyers. Violation of these terms will exclude you from any future purchases.

What you can NOT do with Busy Blogger PLR content:

[NO] You may not submit the content to article directories of any kind no matter how much you have changed the article. Submitting to other sites destroys the integrity of the articles for everyone.

[NO] You may not claim authorship of content in a direct bi-line with the article. Profile boxes included with your blog posts are excluded. Others have purchased the content and it could lead to copyright issues between authors.

[NO] You have no resale or giveaway rights to these articles. These are for your personal and business use only.

What you CAN do with Busy Blogger PLR content

[YES] You may use the content on your blog, website or anywhere that you regularly post content.

[YES] You may bundle any articles into an ebook/report, or add articles to your ebook/reports that you will be selling or giving away for personal, individual use.

[YES] You can rewrite the content as much or as little as you see fit, including adding affiliate links and links to your products, blogs and websites.

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