Kids Crafts Mega Pack

The cooler weather will be coming in quickly and the season of being indoors. Readers are hungry for craft projects for the kids to make. This pack of 20 articles will feed that need.

Kids Crafts Mega Pack of PLR articles:

  1. How to Create a Fun and Sticky Nature Collage
  2. Making Homemade Paper
  3. Four Musical Instruments
  4. Making Glitter from Salt
  5. How to Make a Faux Stain Glass Window
  6. Custom Braided Keychain
  7. Three Boat Crafts
  8. Beading – Creating Bracelets and Caribbean Foot Jewelry
  9. Pottery 101 – Making Clay Pots
  10. Bake a Shape
  11. Craft Projects for Groups
  12. Wearable Crafts
  13. Crafts for Toddlers
  14. Crafts for All Seasons
  15. Educational Crafts for Kids
  16. Green Projects – Crafts with Live Plants
  17. Homemade Toys from Household Items
  18. Nature Crafts for Kids
  19. Craft Projects for Older Kids
  20. Kids’ Crafts Using Paper

I’m limiting sales of this pack to only 40 total.

20 article pack $20   40 37 left

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